Products Auro 301 - Plaster Primer
Auro 301

Plaster Primer


Perfect for use in preparing highly absorptive wall surfaces, such as gypsum plasterboard, fibreboard and mineral interior plaster.

Our clever gentle chemists have developed a special environmentally friendly binding agent (REPLEBIN®), which means our Plaster Primer is preservative, emission and odour free and goes on easily with very little dripping and splashing.  It allows your freshly plastered walls to breathe, especially when followed with an emulsion or clay paint from AURO’s natural paint range.

Apply with a ceiling brush or by spraying.

40 m2
100 m2

Naturally occurring raw materials

Highly Breathable

Skin Safe

Plastic Free

Emmission Free

Brush, roller, spray

Compostable residue

Vegan Friendly

Dilute with water

Recyclable packaging

Shake well, dilute 1:1 with water and apply evenly with a brush. Depending on how absorptive the surface is, apply once or twice.  Then paint with AURO environmentally-friendly wall paints.
Strongly or irregularly absorptive surfaces such gypsum plasterboards, should be primed to create a unified surface and to avoid irregular or mat areas.

VOC Level: < 1 g/l.

Breathability: SD value < 0,1 m

Allergies: MI free

For nearly 40 years we have been the leading pioneers in the field of genuinely ‘eco-friendly’ (ecological) paints. In our specially designed AURO research facilities, our team of gentle chemists have brought the best of german engineering and technical expertise into the world of paint. The result is a world-leading paint range which uses highly innovative natural ingredients and formulas.

We have shown that using natural raw materials it’s possible to have beautiful, high performance paint that’s easy to use, is gentle on the earth and helps create healthier homes.

We only have one planet and at AURO we are full of wonder for the power of nature and the species that populate the earth.  We know there are better and less harmful ways of living. And we’re determined to find them.

For 40 years our gentle chemistry has been leading the world in advanced raw material science in paints and our other products.  We are passionate about making our paints the most natural paints available for your home.

The ingredients in our paints come from natural raw materials. What we leave out is just as important as what goes in – our paints don’t contain petrochemicals or plastics.

Potash, Potassium silicate, Replebin, Sugar surfactant, Water