Our paints are gentle on the earth and your home – but they are also beautiful. We’ve spent many years observing the colours of nature and know them to be inspiring and life enhancing. Our paints reflect the best of nature, helping you to bring this beauty into your home.

We wanted our paints to exactly mirror nature’s colours, not be an imitation of them.  Our scientists have now perfected a system to tint our paints using only ecological ‘pigment pastes’ – the first paint manufacturer to do this!  Using these mineral pigments means our range now includes stronger and more colourful shades – violet, blue and turquoise, as well as vibrant red and yellow tones.

Our entire range of 96 beautiful, natural colours is called Colours for Life – these colours are available in emulsion, clay paint, eggshell and gloss.

You can order a physical colour chart to be delivered to your home here. Or download the online version below.