We only have one planet. At AURO we are full of wonder for the power of nature and the species that populate the earth. It’s our mission to protect the planet and all that live on her.

We know you love nature too and we want you to be able to have beautiful, safe homes for your family and protect the planet.  For 40 years we’ve worked in partnership with the earth, pioneering and innovating to create our range of beautiful, environmentally friendly plant based paints and other products to help you do just this. To help us all tread more lightly on our beautiful planet.

We never work destructively, we work positively being inspired by the world we see around us. We try to reflect the earth’s beauty in all we do and use its resources mindfully. We give back, we never just take. This means that our paints and other products are as environmentally friendly as we can make them, in fact they’re so gentle they’re compostable! But we never sit on our laurels, our team of gentle chemists are always striving to improve and find the next innovation.

Protecting biodiversity

We’re passionate about protecting the world’s rich biodiversity and its finite resources. Humanity’s continuing reliance on the raw material petroleum is deeply concerning. It’s non-renewable and heavily polluting – and should be left in the ground. Yet it appears in so many products and is present in most mainstream paints. Yet all the materials we need for ‘future chemistry’, to make safer, kinder products are already all around us and they’re renewable – the world of plants.

We’ve been leading the field in advanced raw material science since 1983 and our plant-based paints are ground-breaking. Because they’re natural, but also because they’re beautiful and high performing.

Social Responsibility

We have an amazing team of people at AURO. From our innovative gentle chemists, to our sales team to our cleaners. Everyone plays a part in our mission and we are committed to being a fair employer which creates opportunity for people to thrive.

Through our zero emission products we are also helping create healthier homes for families, especially those that suffer from allergies, asthma, other respiratory problems and migraines.

Our pioneering work on raw materials is also led by the need to create ways of producing products that don’t deplete resources for our future generations. To leave a healthy planet for our children and grandchildren.

Ethical trade is important to AURO. We work to make sure that our supply chain is transparent and that we are able to make the most ethical choice when sourcing our materials and we trade in line with the Modern Slavery Act 2015. We also prioritise procurement of raw materials that actively protects indigenous lifestyles.  For example dammar resin is harvested from the Meranit tree in the South Asian rain forests. Buying from the local people in Sumatra protects their chosen way of life and the income they receive also incentivises them to protect the rain forest from logging. In turn helping to protect against global warming and ultimately benefiting all of us.

Profit, people and planet - our triple bottom line

We’re a second generation family business. And for us it’s passion over profit every time. We love to create, to innovate, to find new solutions to some of the world’s big problems. We know there are better, less harmful ways of being and we’re determined to find and share them with our customers.

We believe the era of big businesses just focused on profit is coming to an end. To have a thriving natural world and population, all businesses will need to work to a triple bottom line of profit, people and planet.  And that’s what we do. And we think that’s part of the reason why we we’re growing every year in sales.

We just know it’s good business sense to protect the world’s finite resources and our customers’ health. So finding a natural solution to removing petrochemicals from paint made sense for the planet, our customers’ homes and our profits!