Simply because our natural paints are beautiful, incredibly gentle on the earth, on your home and your family’s health.  Inspired by nature and using only natural ingredients, our plant-based paint is officially the best environmentally friendly and ethical paint you can buy – according to the experts at Ethical Consumer Magazine. Our paint is so pure and gentle on the earth it’s compostable!  And many of our paints are vegan.

We think about our entire impact on the earth so our whole business, including our factories, is carbon-neutral certified and we actively work to protect biodiversity.

Auro paints are petrochemical, chemical, plastic and emission free with effectively no VOCs and no awful smell, giving you clean air for your home. They’re recommended for allergy sufferers and have passed some of the strictest air quality tests in the world making them great for anyone with asthma or migraines. And because we’re always transparent about what goes into our paints, you can check exactly what’s in there.

At AURO we’re pioneers. It’s our mission to make the most environmentally friendly and healthy paint to protect you and our planet. But we also wanted to make an all round brilliant paint too. Paint that’s easy to use, is durable and beautiful. And that’s what our team of brilliant, gentle chemists have spent the last 40 years perfecting.

So you know you’re doing the best for our planet when creating your beautiful home with our paint.